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"I received Bowen Treatment over a number of weeks. This was appreciated by both my mind and body as it responded well to this very gentle manipulation on my skin. I also received reflexology which I also felt I benefitted from. Angela is very considerate, warm, friendly and professional. With thanks to Angela, I continue on my journey to wellness and look after myself better, a little more each day." 

"Stress therapy massage is amazing. Have been a client for some 15years. Speaks for itself. Sue D." 

"Time out for you-Harmony Therapy offers more than a treatment-time to relax and enjoy the professional and holistic care that Angela provides-it's a gift!" 

"I wasn't sure the Bowen Technique would work with such small movements but it really does work. I'm now a fan. Angela is a lovely lady who certainly knows all about the holistic therapies and is an expert in identifying the cause of pain and using the appropriate holistic therapy for pain relief. Highly recommended." 

"Great massage, effective waxing - and all with minimum fuss and a friendly smile. What more could you ask?" 

"My experience of Bowen Therapy with Angela was very comfortable, relaxing, friendly and helped a lot with my Fibromyalgia symptoms, I really looked forward to my sessions and felt so good afterwards... Julie. A." 

"Angela is always warm and welcoming and she takes the time to get to know you as a client. I never feel rushed by her which I like. She is gentle in her approach and careful to pay attention to my needs which include sensitive skin - in other salons this can be awkward. I would recommend her readily."

"I was delighted to find Angela. My visits with her are always very comfortable in every way from her peaceful therapy room to just being with her. Angela is very approachable, easy to talk with and her treatments are always thorough and comfortable. I always leave a "new" person." 

"I can certainly recommend Angela as she is an excellent therapist and very dedicated to the client's requirements. Thank you for my previous treatments." 

"Total body wellness massage. I have this as often as I can along with Angela's hot stones massage, and it always hits the spot and is never long enough!"

 "Any time with Angela is a real treat. She is incredibly professional and skilled at all the various treatments. The treatment room is welcoming, clean and calm and she goes to a variety of lengths to ensure your comfort, warmth and ability to completely relax. The results and finishes you get (eg manicures, pedicures, waxing) are incredible. Harmony therapies is a true oasis where you can leave life behind and enjoy uninterrupted pampering."

"The total body wellness was seriously relaxing and I didn't want to leave! So nice to take time out for me and be looked after in such a calm peaceful environment." 

"I suffer with tightness in my left leg, which causes me stiffness and pain in my lower back, left hip and outer side of my left leg. After my last treatment there was a remarkable improvement. I felt more supple and had more range of movement. I also had less pain. Thank you Angela. Marian xx" 

"Angela is always professional and provides a pleasant experience."


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